Games consist of eight 6 minute periods (four 6 minute periods per half), running time, with a short half-time before the start of the second half. There are two official referees for each game. There are 5 teams of 13-15.





5:30 PM

5:45 PM


6:45 PM

7:00 PM




The staff are paid by the half hour so if players do not exit the gym until 9:31 pm, the League will pay them until 10 pm. For players playing the last game of the night, please be quick in exiting the gym/change rooms so as not to incur additional expense for the League.

Teams must do their best to avoid defaulted games, as they cost the League money and waste players' time. All players are required to inform their team rep by Thursday afternoon whether they will be able to make it to that week's game or not.


Scorekeeping Duties
Teams are assigned specific games to score keep. Everyone on the team should take turns in sharing the responsibility. If everyone volunteers just once – you will have fulfilled your obligation. Scorekeeping works best in pairs. A collective member will always be present to help out if needed. Teams are assigned a maximum of 2 points for fulfilling their assigned scorekeeping duties (1 point for each scorekeeper who is a member of the team assigned).